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2017 Spring Nationals Success!

By louis | In Events, News, Tournament, Uncategorized, Workout | on February 23, 2017

2017 Spring Nationals

The 2017 ATA International Spring National Competition hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center was a huge success! There were thousands in attendance working in effort to accomplish their goals. Most of the athletes at this event are not new to competition. In fact, many of them have been training at their Taekwondo schools for months with the goal of becoming either a State, District or World Champion. The competition season began in July this year in Little Rock, Arkansas where the ATA International World Championship Competition is held. The competition season also ends at World Championships.

This Martial Art Tournament is more than just a competition. This event is actually 6 days long beginning on Monday with “Instructor Training” both business and physical. There are many training sessions to choose from depending on the needs of the individual. There is also an International Rank Testing for those working on achieving their new Taekwondo rank. Finally, the big competition. Saturday marks the day that everyone has been training for.

The competition day: Nerves are on high but this is usually overcome by a sense of preparedness and confidence. This confidence comes from the amount of training hours logged. Our Strong Martial Arts students understand that training and experience is what make you a seasoned athlete and an elite competitor. Now as the instructor/owner I know I need to be humble in victory. However, I have to celebrate these students. They were awesome and better yet their attitudes were amazing. They were so gracious in victory and humble in defeat and I couldn’t ask for a better team.

Our students didn’t trip over their success, they earned every bit of it. As an instructor, it is very important that we do not apply unnecessary pressures to our students. I believe that in an individual sport they already feel plenty of pressure, healthy pressure though. I only ask a few things of my Martial Art Athletes. When my team does the following things they will have fun no matter the outcome.

  1. Do your best. (Which means do what you’ve been training to do.)
  2. Make a new friend.
  3. Have a Blast!

I tell them if you take a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place that is icing on the cake.

One of the most crucial components of the Strong Martial Arts Competition Team’s success is the parents. Without their commitment we wouldn’t have such a large and successful team. A martial Arts athlete who is competitive need their parents present while they train and our parents are always there which is truly a blessing.

While in Las Vegas our students hang out, sight see, watch magic shows and eat the yummy Vegas Strip food. Our Team at Strong Martial Arts works hard and plays hard. We had a great time as always. Now I can’t wait for the 2017 Wold Championship Tournament in Little Rock, AR.

Again, I wish to express how much fun my family and I had and it’s because we have such an amazing team. Great Job Strong Competition Team!!!

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