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A Champion of the Heart

By louis | In News | on January 4, 2016
In July 2013, Ty began his journey as a Taekwondo White Belt at Strong Martial Arts.  Since his first instruction, Ty fell in love with the active sport of Martial Arts.  Every day that was available to him to attend, he was grasping at the opportunity to train.  He was later invited to join the Strong Martial Arts Leadership and Competition Team.  This opportunity launched his enthusiasm for Martial Arts to another level, where his commitment to train grew even stronger.  Ty finished the 2014-2015 season as a Texas State Champion in 7 out of 8 events, as well as a South District Champion in 3 events.  He is now a First Degree Black Belt in pursuit of a World Championship title in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA).
Participating in Martial Arts and the Leadership Program has not only encouraged Ty in the competition arena, it has also provided him with a level of confidence to be a leader outside of his training center.  During his 3rd grade year, Ty ran and was elected to student council where he represented his class in school-wide functions as well as becoming an advocate for bully prevention.  At home, Ty has developed into a participating chore-handler and an outstanding friend and model for his younger brother and sister.  Ty often watches closely over the younger kids his neighborhood, while remaining highly competitive in sports and games with those of his age.  Ty is also an active member of RiverPointe Church in Richmond, Texas.
During the 2015 holiday season, Strong Martial Arts started a donation drive for Parks Youth Ranch, a temporary housing and mentoring facility for at-risk children and teens in Richmond, Texas.  The Strong Leadership team was challenged to organize and arrange a collection drive for this organization.  Coincidentally, a couple living down the street from Ty, the Schmidt’s, were working to organize a 2nd annual small community donation drive.  Recognizing the opportunity, they joined together into a single effort for a campaign to benefit the Parks Youth Ranch.
Just before Thanksgiving approached, Ty’s neighborhood community was to enjoy a Thanksgiving amongst themselves, which they called “Friends-giving.”  Ty decorated a collection box and placed it at the event.  He also organized a pick-up party with the other kids in the neighborhood, but unfortunately the pick-up party was canceled due to rain.  The donation drive ended with a cookie decorating party offered by the Schimdt’s.  The caring and generous hearts of this small 65 home community turned out to be the largest donation collection represented by a single student at Strong Martial Arts.
For his determination, commitment, and leadership, we offer appreciation.  For his growth and development in the years ahead, we offer prayer that his faith in God will continue to strengthen his desire to help and serve others.

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