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Leadership Team (ages 7 & up)

Building Positive Productive Leaders. Get Strong!

Strong Leaders is our Leadership Development Program for students ages 7 & up. Our Leadership Program focuses on the character development to build the foundation of a strong leader for both children and adults.Our Strong Leaders engage in philanthropic activities to serve our communities in Richmond, TX, Katy, TX, and Sugar Land, TX. At Strong Martial Arts we know that children and young adults who volunteer are less likely to become involved in at-risk behaviors. Volunteering nourishes caring values in our students as we learn to relate to and empathize with others. At Strong Martial Arts in Richmond, TX we promote healthy-lifestyles and discourage negative choices by addressing some of the pressing issues our youths face in their daily walk. The experience gained through our program can make a lasting difference in our students lives, giving young people a sense of purpose, and a desire to learn. We are excited to work with you and your family to build a Strong community around us.

Our Strong Leadership Team members also compete in ATA competitions. As a member of our leadership team  they have a chance to compete in effort to win State, District Champion Titles, and as black belts, World Champion Titles in various taekwondo events. As a martial arts competitor our students learn how to handle pressure, how to practice focus, the value of healthy sportsmanship, how to believe in themselves, and develop self awareness. It also provides the motivation for our athletes to train harder; to better themselves and their performance. The ATA provides three major competitions held throughout the year, Fall Nationals, Spring Nationals and World Championships. These competitions are the largest taekwondo competitions held in North America, as they draw thousands of ATA competitors from throughout the world. Several of our Leadership Students and Instructors attend these competitions and train for these events every year in hopes of earning their title of State, District and the coveted title of World Champion.


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