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Congratulations to the Strong Martial Arts 2018 State, District and World Champions!

By louis | In Events, News, Tournament | on August 8, 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 State, District and World Champions!!

I am so proud of each of our Strong Martial Art students who competed this season. Everyone did an outstanding job and each have so much to be proud of. Anytime you can accomplish a series of small goals that lead to a large goal it’s a personal victory and that’s impressive. Sometimes we win and other times we have to go back and keep training. Regardless of if you have ever won a single tournament, I am proud of everyone for trying their best. With this being said, it’s a pretty awesome thing to have watched my students achieve their goal of becoming a State, District and World Champ! This took a full year long commitment at least. Most of these students have been making a run for multiple years now. All I can say is keep having fun out there, make new friends and do your personal best. The entire Strong Martial Arts team are all proud of you. Congratulations State, District and World Champions.


2018 State Champions:

Allira Davis – Laura Chu – Noah McKay – Matthew McKay – Taylor Burke – Stephen Adams – Jaedyne Holgado – Marilu Rudolph


2018 District Champions:

Noah McKay – Taylor Burke – Allira Davis – Cade Goodeaux –

Felipe Benitez – Jaedyne Holgado – Laura Chu – Jamie Spriggs –

Sarah Chu


2018 World Champion:

Noah McKay- Xtreme Forms


Congratulations to all of our 2018 ATA State, District and World Champions!

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