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Strong Martial Arts Richmond, TX Takes 35 2017 State Champion Titles

By louis | In Events, News, Tournament, Uncategorized | on May 19, 2017

Strong Competition Team Success!

Strong Martial Arts received the final 2016-2017 Texas State Top 10 Charts and our Strong students had an amazing year! We are so proud of all of our students who competed this year. We were so excited to see so many of our new and experienced students competing together as a team  bringing us to the largest competition team in our 4 year history.


The Circuit

The American Taekwondo Association is the worlds largest single style martial art organization. This is due to the excellent training, innovation and opportunity created by our leadership. The tournament circuit is a great example of this. The ATA runs one of the most legitimate and professional circuits in the world. We are a worldwide competitive circuit with schools in more than 40 countries.

Our Competitive circuit has 3 tiers; State, District’s and World’s. The State championship program begins at World Championships in June or July and the competition season ends through April 30th. District Championships is the Final run off for all students who are in the Top 10 in their respective state. Our district is Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. This is where all divisions meet in order to determine who the District champion is and which state will earn the most titles. There are no additional title opportunities for color belts, this is the end of their season. Finally, World Championships. World’s is the largest and most exciting tournament of the year! This is where Black Belts go head to head to determine the World Champions. Years of training and hours of training bring the top students in the world together to test each other and themselves. Worlds is the end of the season for Black Belts and also the beginning of the season for all other competitors.

Click HERE to learn more about the World Expo.


The Process

Our students are very hard workers and have set goals to achieve these rankings this year. We make sure at the beginning of the season that they are committed. Our instructors expect our students to  attend class with a high level of focus. Training is a blast when you adhere to the work. This is when the highest levels of self growth happen. I have seen many of our students grow and flourish throughout the season. This makes our team so proud. Our students set the goal, and then, go for it.

I am so grateful to all of our parents who made the commitment to be there to support your kids. This is one of the greatest benefits of this circuit is families get to travel together and spend quality time investing in their kids. Ya’ll are awesome!

I am also extremely proud of Mr. Rivera, Mr. Miller, Ms. White, Mr. Benitez and Mr. Vreeland for doing an outstanding job with the students. Your leadership has made these results possible. Thank you, Strong Team!


2017 Texas State Champions

Jamie Spriggs- Combat Sparring

Oscar Garmendia- Sparring

Logan Manuel- Traditional Weapons

Sarah Chu- Combat Sparring

Laura Chu- Traditional Forms

Riley Masterson- Traditional Weapons

Noah McKay- Creative Forms, Xtreme Forms

Ty McGuire- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

Ricky Francis- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

Jackson Williams- Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

Steve Adams- Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

Marilu Rudolph- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, Combat Sparring, Creative Forms, Xtreme Forms

Louis McKay- Combat Sparring

13 Texas State Champions

35 Texas State Titles between the 13 Champions


Texas Top 10 Finalists

Alisha Reza- Creative Forms

Tio Racelis- Traditional Forms

Sophiya Al-Amin- Sparring, Combat Sparring

Matthew McKay- Sparring, Combat Sparring

Justin Villarreal- Creative Forms, Creative Weapons

Bryce Garcia-  Traditional Forms, Combat Sparring

Isaac Narvaez- Traditional Forms, Sparring

Roberto Nunez- Traditional Forms

Matt Gill- Traditional Weapons

Emily White- Sparring, Combat Sparring

Pranav Jith- Traditional Forms, Sparring, Combat Sparring

Henry Rivera- Traditional Forms, Sparring, Combat Sparring

Taylor Burke- Sparring, Combat Sparring, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons

Mahir Alam- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

Magic Lopez- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, Combat Sparring

Cade Goodeaux- Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons

16 Top 10 Finalists.

39 Top Ten Rankings Total between these 16.


Congratulations Strong Competition Team!!





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