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Louis McKay - Owner of Strong Martial Arts

Louis McKay – Owner of Strong Martial Arts

Thank you for visiting StrongMartialArts.com. We are very excited to begin our training with you and your family. Our school is focused on challenging and bettering our students both physically and mentally to become the best martial arts athletes they can be. We accomplish this with a high energy, zero down time class model. This model enhances your fitness levels by safely exercising and performing various techniques and drills that are great for your heart, lungs, and overall physical well being. We offer an at your own pace class with continual encouragement and guidance from our instructional staff. Martial arts improves character, confidence, physical condition, and empowers our students with the life skills and discipline of Taekwondo.

While Taekwondo is great for the defense of you and your family, it’s also an amazing workout. Your self-defense training will improve awareness, decrease reaction time and safely prepare you for possible encounters that you may face in public. We want our students to walk into our school knowing we have their safety and best interest in mind. We value our students and will continually strive to train you by providing the best self-defense instruction in the industry. We are committed to provide dynamic martial arts training in our new state of the art training facility. We know you will thrive and excel while training and achieving your goals in Taekwondo at Strong Martial Arts.

Strong Martial Arts was started by Louis McKay. Mr. McKay is a 4th degree black belt and 2x World Champion, National Champion and State Champion in Taekwondo. Mr. McKay began training in Taekwondo and Karate when he was 14 years old. He started Taekwondo in his home town of Katy, TX. Mr. McKay later became a self defense instructor because he felt teaching Taekwondo was his passion and chose to pursue teaching martial arts as a career. He has instructed thousands of students with the American Taekwondo Association for 19 years and students. Under his instruction he has led students to win over 11 World Titles! He also taught for Grand Master Chuck Norris for 10 years. Now his focus is to teach Taekwondo to the Richmond community in Fort Bend County, Texas.

We are affiliated with the American Taekwondo Association the largest Taekwondo Association in the world, which provides continual innovation and training opportunities for it’s students and instructors. The ATA was founded in 1969 by Eternal Grand Master Lee with the vision of providing self-defense training opportunities for all people around the world. The ATA and Strong Martial Arts are both committed to providing the best martial art experience to you, your family and friends. Come in and try a free Taekwondo class. All you need to bring is yourself, we’ll provide the fun!

We are located on Grand Parkway and S. Mason Rd in Richmond, TX.

South of Katy and North of Sugar Land.

(Turn West on S. Mason Rd)

Easy to find at:

9825 S. Mason Rd. #160

Richmond, TX. 77406.

Start training today.

For more information about the ATA, the world’s premier taekwondo association click here: American Taekwondo Association

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